Lang’s Priorities as Colorado State Treasurer

Protect Taxpayers.

Fight Inflation

Lang believes that State and Federal policies are stoking inflation and making Colorado increasingly unaffordable. Spending is at unprecedented levels, and we are not paying enough attention to what we are getting for our money.

Responsible Stewardship of Colorado’s Investments

Working collaboratively with the professional staff in the Treasurer’s office, Lang will protect taxpayer funds by adhering to the mandated policy of making investments that are safe, liquid, and generate yield that equals or exceeds appropriate benchmarks.


As a Board member of our Colorado’s pension fund (PERA), Lang will continue to fight to ensure that retiree pensions are secure and that the burdens on school districts and taxpayers are reasonable.

Support Small Business.

Having grown up with a small manufacturing business in the basement, and having helped many entrepreneurs, Lang understands at a gut-level the struggles of the small business community. He knows that when government actions increase business costs for businesses, those costs will be passed along to consumers.

Educate Our Children.

Lang has kids in Colorado’s public schools right now, so he understands how important it is to listen to parents and spend wisely to get children back on track after COVID. Lang fought hard in the legislature to pass bipartisan legislation expanding funding for public school choice, including for our most disadvantaged children, and he will continue to advocate for robust public school choice for all Colorado families.